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Mermaid Lelie

The Wandering Mermaid

Lelie aka Lieke is the (green) activist of the pod. She is one with nature and the fluke of her tail is shaped like a flower.

Like many people, Lelie started dreaming of becoming a mermaid after the release of The Little Mermaid. As a child, everytime Lelie had the chance, she would dive in and swim like a mermaid. Fast forward to 2014, she decided to give her dream another go. Then she stumbled upon mernetwork and a ton of other mermaids. Lelie kept on reading every topic on the website, especially the one about tailmaking.  She made her own silicone mermaid tail. Now she sells costumised mermaidtops on:

The never ending curiousity and wanderlust are strong within her.

On land Lieke is a part time sociale worker. She works for an NGO that empowers people. All people have voices and we want to make them heard! She strongly believe that the world can be a better place. When not helping others, she calms her soul with sewing or crafting.

"Bringing Mer-magic to the world."

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