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Naomi is our enchanting mermaid. She loves to entertain people, create magic and put a smile on their faces. Who doesn’t like to make children still believe in mermaids, princesses or elves ?

The mermaid community wasn’t really a thing in Belgium, so she took monofin courses. She wanted to learn all the techniques  that she needed to become a mermaid. In that process, Naomi inspired her sister Evi to start mermaiding as well.

The dream to become a mermaid was only at a later age. But She was always inspired to entertain people and children.  She regulerly performs as a mythical creature like a princess, elf and a mermaid.

In the beginning of 2016, she was able to buy a second hand mermaid tail from Ariel. From then, her mermaid adventure started.

Day in and day out she’s manufacturing patterns for costumes and clothing. But what She likes the most is making beautiful princess dresses and creative things. Naomi would like to become a costume designer for fantasy movies and theathre productions.


"The second starfish to the right..."

The Neverland Mermaid

Mermaid Naomi

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