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Mermaid Celine

The Alluring Mermaid


Celine is the siren of the pod. Behind her big and graceful tail, there is a strong woman with big dreams, she always keeps trying and never gives up.

Celine has been a professional Mermaid since 2004. Her love for the ocean, the legends and the mystery behind these mythical, alluring creatures are what drove her to start this business. She performed at several events as a mermaid. She’s also one of the Todi Mermaids (Beringen, Belgium) where she’s performing in monthly shows with her colleagues.


She also creates and makes her own beautiful high performance sequins tails and tops. One tail can take up a whole year to make !

Besides mermaiding, Celine graduated as an actress, singer and dancer at the Conservatory in Brussels, has done several Musicals like Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella, and appeared in several tv shows and movies. She’s a creative spirit who dreams of travelling the world as a performing artist.



"Never, never, NEVER stop believing and NEVER stop fighting for your dreams."

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