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Evi is our adventurous mermaid, she loves exploring the depths of the ocean. Freediving is her passion.

As a child, Evi used to have a dreamy far-off look with her nose stuck in a book. Not only did she love reading stories, she wanted to be part of them. Ever since she was 8, Evi appeared in several musicals. Even today, she still enjoys singing in a popchoir. Reading is travelling for the mind but Evi wanted to expierence real adventures. When she turned 18 she volunteered in the slums of Lima, Peru. After the gardens of life project, Evi became a social worker.

In 2014 two sisters discovered a mermaid video on youtube. Immediately they wanted to know how to become one. After 2 years of finswimming and freediving Evi bought her first silicon mermaid tail. During this shapeshifting process she and her sister, Naomi, met the other Mermates. So when Todi opened in Octobre 2016 they all started performing there. The rest is mer-history.

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air."

_ R.W. Emerson

The Adventurous Mermaid

Mermaid Evi

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