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Ariel is the sweet mermaid of the pod. Her shy and kind nature make her a unique person, above and below the surface. From a very young age, she always loved being in the water and still does today.

Ariel started mermaiding back in 2011. She learned all by herself how to swim with a monofin and not much longer she got certified in scuba and freediving (her personal record is over 3 minutes).

She's specialized in underwater performances and tank shows.

When not in the water, Ariel loves to be artistic and makes oil paintings and ceramic statuess. Sometimes she likes to visit Cosplay conventions.

Even though she has a visual impainment and Autism , she loves every second of her mermaid life and is glad to spread some magic wherever she goes!


"The noblest art is that of making others happy."

            _ P.T. Barnum

Mermaid Ariel

The Courageous Mermaid

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